Watch the teaser for Saga Film’s first animation project, Together as One!

We are excited to let you all have a sneak peek at our first short animation project, Together as One, directed by Vasile Alboiu and co-directed by Liviu Dinu.

Warm thanks to our close collaborators from Static VFX Studio,who were responsible for all CGI aspects, from layout to final look.

They are still working to refine the final look of the short film. The original score, composed by Alexei Čšurcan(member of band Travka), is currently under development.

We will be back soon with news and a trailer!

Director: V.A.

Co-Director: Liviu Dinu

Production House: Saga Film

Producer: Alex Teodorescu

Executive Producer: Ana Gheorghe

Co-Production: StaticVFX Studio, Raza Studio

STATICVFX TEAM: Alexandru Parascan, Alin Dumitru, Alina Simion, Ana Maria Telega, Bogdan Dumitru, Cristian Rizescu, Elena Iorga, Jbawi Marwan, Liviu Dinu, Paul Bold, StaticVFX Collaborators: Alexandru Doiciu, Hani Issa.

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