10,000 Romanian filming locations library

Gathering so many options together wasn’t hard: our geographically diverse territory offers hilly vineyards, pristine beaches, ski resorts, over 3000 lakes, a picturesque Danube river shoreline and delta, caves and salt mines, sea and mountain cliffs.

Architectural diversity

Our urban spaces are not less rich than our nature: medieval fortresses and socialist modernist buildings, historic villas, castles and old villages, roadside inns, huge abandoned deserted warehouses, but also new industrial centres malls, unconventional office spaces, quirky boutiques and cafes.

The best is yet to come

And if you still don’t find something suitable, we will ensure a fast and efficient scouting process, Also, we build your perfect shooting spot from scratch in one of the studio facilities in Bucharest.

Old Town

City Roads

Modern Buildings