National, but International

Romania is like an ingenious playground: the mountains and the sea, here you could shoot both, through-out the same day. As a production house, we feel lucky to have such an opportunity to work with.

We see our capital as a dynamic infrastructure, that grows at the pace of the Western values. Here we have the same equipment to work with as the others in the industry, inherently the technology is exactly what we need to fulfil our daily challenges.

The geographical space, where Romania rests upon, is of great potential when it comes to film production. We understood that very early on, by working with the stunning locations we have. Leading the interest on the international scale is a great purpose for us, and we have access to this recognition trough the international awards. The achievements we have made have spoken of the shift in perspective that we contain as a  film production services company.

Effie Europe Awards Announcement

The Romanian national day, the 1st of December is by coincidence a second celebration for us, as we have been announced as winners of Bronze Medal in the Effie Europe 2021, through our work for Telekom | The Online Park. This project is a reminder that our work is valuable to the society, not only our clients per se.

We are thankful for our team, who believes in the newness that exists at Saga Film with every project we have. The creative engine in our production house is constantly fuelled by our collaborating agencies that with no doubt represent a partner on the global scale.

RIFF Award Announcement

We are excited to take this opportunity to announce last week’s highlight, on the Italian cinema. Intercom 15 has been awarded the best Short Film at the Rome Independent Film Festival, and we are proud to be in the spotlight of such a cinematic environment like Rome.

Happy National Day to all the Romanians who have found their inspiration in the Romanian identity, as we gladly do as well.