Director: Ionut Piturescu Cast: N/A Photography: Alfredo Altamirano Script: Ionut Piturescu Editing: Ionut Piturescu Produced by: SAGA FILM, Alexandru Teodorescu Running time: 90 min Year: 2017 Markets / funding:

Media Creative Europe Development Funding, 2013

State Funding from theRomanian National Film Centre (CNC), 2013


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Todi and Spiru, two Aromanian friends living in Albania, got enough of themselves feeling bad for not understanding enough of their own culture, of everybody mistaking the Aromanians with the Armenians or the cultures of the Balkan states whose citizens they arrived to be, of nobody knowing who the Aromanians are, have done and still do for the South East European nations. Spiro and Todi decided to stop the ignorance, give up their daily life and start a trip around the Balkans in order to collect all the knowledge needed for putting up a Cultural Centre for Aromanian Research and Education.

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