In development

The film is a stop motion animation.

It’s the beginning of the 20th century in France. Madame Sournes, an extortive woman, is marrying her beautiful daughter to M. Gluand, a rich old doctor. But what she doesn’t know is that Madelene has agreed to this deal only because she is in love with the doctor’s protégée, Marcel. The two start a hidden secret romance after the marriage.

However, their secret is soon found out by the doctor, who discovers one of their love notes. Looking for vengeance, he decides to sew the two lovers together, as this, he thinks, is their only wish, which he takes ad literam: to finally be together as one.

Produced by: SAGA FILM, Alexandru Teodorescu

Director: Vasile Alboiu Markets / funding:

Cast: N/A Photography: N/A Script: Vasile Alboiu Editing: N/A Produced by: SAGA FILM, Alexandru Teodorescu Running time: 20 min

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