Director: Emanuel Parvu Cast: Dorina Lazăr, Constantin Cojocaru, Andi Vasluianu, Anca Sigartău, Mircea Andreescu, Medeea Marinescu, Dorian Boguţă, Liliana Mocanu, Ana Ciontea Photography: Dan Andrei Script: Emanuel Parvu Editing: Stefan Parlog Produced by: SAGA FILM, Alexandru Teodorescu Running time: 15 min Awards:

Dakino Film Festival


In the Danube Delta, people are still led by archaic rules that don’t make sense to anybody but them. Even the ground they walk on isn’t in harmony with their obsolete habits and digging up the dead after 10 years, to wash their bones, implies landslides because of the sandy soil. But the members of a family from Sfantu Gheorghe decide to neglect the priests request not to dig up any corpses thinking that they are doing the right thing.

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