As part of our office service, Saga Film has a digital library of over 10,000 filming locations across Romania. Tell us what you need and we can help you find the perfect location for your production. From stunning landscapes and traditional homes to urban architecture and modern offices, our experienced staff and Romania’s picturesque scenery will make filming in Romania the best experience for you and your production.


Nature has been particularly generous with Romania. The offer for amazing natural locations is extraordinary: impressive mountains, hills, rivers and lakes, great forests, beautiful caves, salt mines, volcanoes, the Black Sea and the unique Danube Delta with its marvellous fauna.

Romania also provides all kinds of architectural styles, amazing monasteries and fortresses, medieval cities and the lost in time countryside, huge abandoned communist factories and warehouses, industrial or modern buildings, beautiful parks and streets that are easily reachable.

About Bucharest

Romania’s capital city is the nation’s centre of cultural and economic life.

During the 1930’s its tree-lined boulevard and fin de siecle architecture gave it the nickname Little Paris. There is even an Arc de Triomphe on the impressive Soseaua Kisseleff, which is longer than Champs Elysees and has ranges of trees, which flower beautifully in spring.

Despite the massive reconstruction of the 1980’s Bucharest remains a Garden City, leafy and pleasant with cafes open on sidewalks in the summer and with boats on its lakes and rivers. The city’s artistic life stood up to its Parisian nickname and today is as vibrant as ever.

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